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Willey Pieter. Agilbert complied with the request. And presided over that nation as their bishop for many years. This seems to imply that Wirtgernesburg is synonymous with Bradford, and that the enemy was, therefore, the Britons. The location of Peonnum is not known with any certainty. In , Penda had been killed by, the Northumbrian king, Oswiu.

For the three year period following Penda's death, Oswiu was at the height of his powers. He took direct control of Mercia, and was recognized as Bretwalda — overlord of the south-Humbrian English kingdoms. Cenwalh and his bishop, Agilbert, apparently enjoyed cordial relations with the Northumbrian court — particularly with Oswiu's son, Alhfrith, who ruled Deira on his father's behalf. Relations between Cenwalh and his bishop, however, deteriorated. It seems more likely, however, that Agilbert left Wessex in and, in the first instance, travelled to Northumbria.

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At the request of Alhfrith, the bishop ordained Wilfrid as Alhfrith's priest. Alhfrith decided that Deira should have its own bishop, and, with his father's agreement, sent Wilfrid off to Gaul to be consecrated. Oswiu, however, despatched his own candidate, Chad, off to Canterbury to be consecrated. When he got to Canterbury, Chad found that Archbishop Deusdedit, who died in July probably of the devastating plague that swept through the British Isles in that year , had not been replaced.

He traveled on to Wessex, where he was consecrated by Wine, who was the only Catholically ordained bishop in Britain at the time. Wilfrid returned to Northumbria in , only to find Chad occupying the see York that Alhfrith now dead had intended for him. In , the Mercians had rebelled against Oswiu, and installed Penda's son, Wulfhere , on the Mercian throne.

It is generally assumed that this was a battle against the Britons, but the location of Posentesbyrig is again the subject of debate.