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One of these places might be the perfect hideout.

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The noose is tightening Archivist Mukangung is hiding in a village. Pillage or destroy villages within other empires until he is forced to show up. Archivist Mukangung and his army were hidden in the last village! Now, make sure the whole army is defeated. And then At last the Forgotten comes out of the shadows, in the [Ruins] in [Region].

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With Ziema, crush this traitor! After centuries in hiding, it is time to rebuild the Allayi civilization. You must preserve your world and your goddess, Mother Auriga, and unlock the mystery of Her enigmatic Pearls that burst forth in the Dark Season. The destinies of your nation and your planet are intertwined; let us hope that you can save them both We have taken the return of the Guardians as a signal; from the forests and the mountains we come together to rebuild our culture.

In my hands sits the waxed and oiled leather pouch, black with age, that contains the Epistle of Vros Grayspire and the Euchologion, the ways of prayer. Through all the Silent Years we have guarded these scrolls, handing them down from father to son, waiting for the moment when we could once again serve our role as sentinels of Mother Auriga. We are together except for the flying Skyfin, a symbol of our power and freedom. With its strength we can reclaim our place by her side. These Pearls, the 'winter fruit' of the Epistle, signal our resurgence.

We will harvest them, and use them to build an altar to Auriga.

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As we do Her bidding, we will grow our own strength. Build the Altar of Auriga. You will need to gather enough Pearls by searching Ruins, or by collecting them when the Dark Season brings them to the surface. Now that our altar has been founded, and our faith renewed, we shall begin to impose the will of Auriga.

Though our cause is just and we are Her Chosen we will still remain humble; there is much to learn -- and with knowledge comes strength. Strength and knowledge will both be necessary if we are to defeat the tools and lackeys of the Profaners and save Mother Auriga. We do not fear conflict rather we will revel in the test of our faith. And those who dare to challenge us will understand why the wolves live in fear of the shepherds.

Produce X Influence in one of your cities for X turns. It has been generations since the Allayi have come together. When the Guardians were felled we fled; the weapons of the Profaners were too terrible, and their war ghouls the worst. But as all things evil they too have passed - though the damage they did was horrific.

Now Auriga seeks us out to heal and protect her. Some whisper that she is dying, that the longer Dark Seasons are a sign of her end.

Of The End. But I say that the Pearls, and the offerings we give to her, will help us both. To advance we must build; the city itself shall become an altar to Her glory.

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And my people will become Her loyal troops. Our hour has begun; from across Auriga the villages and towns of the lesser peoples have begun to heed our call - and feel the force of our purity. They beg us for more information, for our wisdom, for our very presence on their lands.

Their awe and devotion is manifested in their practices, for they are saving the precious Pearls bestowed by Auriga so that we may collect them and use them for Her cause. We shall go out, and preach Her words, and collect these tributes to better worship -- and save -- Mother Auriga. They are awed and delighted by our visit. Their leader has indicated you the ruins where we may find their stock.

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Search the localized ruins in [Region] to get the treasure. Word spreads of other devotees. A [Minor Faction] tribe in [Region] wants to hear your words. Locate the region and talk to this village. Next, in [Region], they ask only to stand in the presence of the Skyfin to become followers.

Talk to the indicated village with a Skyfin unit of at least Level 3 in Dark form. Heresy rears its ugly head. Some [Minor Faction] renegades have stolen the Pearls. Find and defeat the army in [Region] in order to settle this affair. I believe that we now have the strength to do this. To find the old places where our ancestors and Grayspire lived and prayed. If we can bring our people there, we can reclaim the ancient places that meant so much to us -- and that were such targets of savagery for the Profaners and their war ghouls.

The Epistle says that once before we saved Her, and I will not be remembered as the one who failed when we know that this incredible act, however difficult, is possible. Pilgrims report strange activities in a place called [Region]. Find and search the indicated ruins in this Region with an Army that contains at least 1 Settler unit.

A trap! The savage war ghouls of the Profaners have been set loose from their crypt. These Scythers are pitiless and powerful; avoid them for X turns! Army Loot, Mad Fairies Droplist picks 1. We must be close to a great discovery -- why else would the Nemesis have disturbed our works? As the greatest weapon of the Profaner, it must be blocking our greatest sources of power.

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We need to destroy it once and for all, and forge ahead. To remove the threat, to continue, is a challenge we cannot fail. To stop now would be not only to admit our own failure, but to condemn Mother Auriga to a lingering death. So we will build our hands and our hearts; strengthen our cities and our powers. Beware, the Nemesis has spawned again! It's now heading to the city of [City]. You must either avoid it for X turns or defeat it. Fight their power with your power. Obtain a minimum of 8 Blessings in the Altar of Auriga screen. A painful yet brilliant victory - and one that confirms our convictions.

And where there was one, more may follow We must be prepared for this threat if we are to continue; to stop now would be not only to admit our own failure, but to condemn Mother Auriga to a lingering death. The Allayi look to me, and I have no answers. In the arcana of the Winter Tree, the Altar itself, it is indicated that the Pearls we so gleefully harvest are not a gift to the Chosen, but the last dying energies of Mother Auriga.

In defiance of the wisdom of the Epistle! Which is correct?

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Are they ours to take? Others will if we do not, and She does not reabsorb them if they are left to lie. What are these Pearls? Why do we have them? I can only answer that these things exist, that they help us, and that even the grimmest sacrifice, if accepted with piety and love, is a blessing.

I hope, for my soul and for Our Mother, that this theory of mine is right. For in an ancient grotto, a place once holy to the Allayi, we have found a way to defeat the Nemesis -- a weapon that even the magics of the Profaners could not stop. It will take all of our strength to forge it and prepare our troops. May Mother Auriga watch over us Equip the new item on at least 1 Monk Unit and integrate that Unit into an Army on the map.

Then wait until the Nemesis reappears on your territory The Nemesis is back, within the territories of your empire! For the last time, destroy the Nemesis that is targeting your armies and cities. This much, at least, is clear: The Pearls are for us, meant to save us from whatever fate awaits Her. She would save Her children, Her Chosen, from the long winter that comes. This is the best we can hope for; that we can bring Her to a state where She can sleep the sleep of restoration and flower again.

If we can achieve that, I will have hope for the Allayi and for Mother Auriga. Our role is to accompany, not to save; we must ease her into her rest, not fight to delay it. If we can reign supreme on Auriga, we can see to it that she goes gently into that Long Sleep. Morgawr awoke in a lab without a sense of past. An entity that is a single mind of many bodies, Morgawr has a powerful compulsion to dominate and control the minds of others in order to achieve their ultimate intent.