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Because I think that women are basically the same, under the hood. That's why Nancy Drew lives on.

Her life is still all of our lives, as ordinary extraordinary women. Even if we have hubbies and kids and moms and dads, at bottom, we're on our own. Each of us lives her own life, at the end of the day. Each of us has her own adventures, and each of us solves her own mysteries, of all sorts.

Parenthood is only one of the adventures in our lives. Childbirth is another. Love remains one of our greatest mysteries. Marriage, a mystery I have yet to solve.

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We drive along in our girl convertibles, and we never know where the road will lead us. At every fork, we choose our way, right or left, north or south, not only for us, but for the people we love, in the backseat. We steer a way through this life, for us and our families. We have a better sense of direction than we think. Our strength, our wit, and our hearts are more powerful than anybody could ever have imagined. And even greater than we ever believed. We are, all of us, women at the wheel.

Hit the gas. Lisa is now an empty nester, if you don't count her menagerie of pets. How do you think pets help people make the transition when there is one less person in the house, whether due to death, divorce, college, or a child moving away from home? How are men and women different when it comes to dealing with an empty nest? Does your nest have to be completely empty for you to feel the effects? How is a child leaving for kindergarten, a divorced parent with shared custody, or a person who has to put their spouse in a nursing home similar?

How is it different? When Francesca helps Lisa get ready for a blind date there seems to be a shift in their relationship, to where the nurturing has now become a two-way street. At what point do you think this starts to happen in a parent-child relationship? Do you think this dynamic is common in most families, and how does it change as you get older? How does this help strengthen the relationship, and what are the challenges?

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Daughter Francesca shares a very special relationship with Mother Mary. How important are grandparents in a child's life? How is the relationship between parent and child and grandparent and grandchild different? Why do you think Mother Mary was reluctant to share her recipe with Francesca? What do you think Lisa used as a bribe, or threat, to get her to give it up for this book? Lisa and Francesca are each other's best friend, but they also deeply value their other friendships. However, as Lisa mentions in "GNO," making plans to go out with friends gets harder as lives get busier, and often women feel there must be a reason to go out.

Why is this so? How is this different for men? Do you think men have the same need to justify time away from the family, or a need to go out and have fun?


Why or why not? Women tend to talk about everything, or as Francesca points out, almost everything. What makes some topics taboo, even with your closest friends? What are the things that you just won't talk about? Which things will you discuss with your mother, but not your friends and vice versa? Lisa feels that in order to truly connect, you must be honest, which has led her to sharing some very personal stories about the perils of getting older.

Why does hearing others talk about these subjects make us feel better about ourselves? How does Lisa's use of humor make talking about them easier to hear, and easier to discuss with others? In what ways has the stigma of getting older lifted. And in what ways has the stigma itself gotten worse? Quirks are what make us all individual and interesting.

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Francesca outed Lisa and some of her quirks. What differentiates a quirk from being cute and unique or annoying and unbearable? What are some of your most adorable quirks, and which ones drive your friends and family crazy? Who do you think should play Lisa, Francesca, and Mother Mary?

Who do you think Lisa, Francesca, and Mother Mary want to play them? Who would play you and your family in the sitcom of your life? See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist.

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Overview The incomparable Lisa Scottoline, along with Daughter Francesca, is back with more wild and wonderful wit and wisdom. On my chin. And so much more! About the Author. Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Date of Birth: July 1, Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Education: B. Show More. Reading Group Guide 1.

My Nest Isn’t Empty, It Just Has More Closet Space

Average Review. Write a Review. Gina Funk More than 1 year ago It is nice to know there are more people out there like me and Erma Bombeck. I enjoyed the ride and read. Be warned do not read it when the rest of the house is trying to sleep. I thouroughly enjoyed it and was sorry it had to end. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I love this book. It's a great read for women of all ages. I'm 21 and I couldn't stop laughing. This book is filled with literal lol moments.

I must admit it was my favorite of the two! You will really enjoy the book and relate to it in so many ways. Some Lisa and some daughter Francesca! I listened to it and seriously Lisa's voice is the greatest and really adds to the funny! And anyone who doesn't just love Mother Mary doesn't have a heart!!! It was very humorous and quick-paced.