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When I went on a test drive with the salesman, I asked him how Infiniti sales are going. I can see the Maxima finally being offed, too bad, there is incredible name recognition there.

I see a ton of Sentras with new-car tags on them driven in the poorer parts of town over the last year or so. My friend was just visiting this weekend and had a rental Frontier and he rather liked it. Good styling, very strong thirsty motor, 5spd transmission works just fine, lowest bed height in the class. White wins every time. Good luck trying to identify individual models though. Anything smaller than a Murano, I have to look at the badge on the back. A friend of mine works at a Nissan dealer. I said the same thing on another post on here…every other car I see in my area is a Nissan-something.

Well done, bro.

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This may be your last chance. No one else ever talks about it. Not dissing you. Of course, the Kicks is obscure 4 posts now, ha! Although one with a manual trans might be ok. How difficult is it, and just how common of an issue is it?

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I think they pad the rate because stuff breaks and the shop eats it half the time. It seemed like the stuff that breaks on Nissans breaks on most of that model. The clicking makes the drivers crazy, but few of them can afford to fix it on either make. What BOF Nissan drivers have to fix is the automatic transmissions that are killed by their radiators failing in a manner that mixes coolant in their ATF.

Happens ALL the time. When you order a re-man transmission for a Nissan, it comes with a new radiator. Meanwhile, I remain impressed with the Rogue we rented — competent, roomy, drove well, and great gas mileage for lugging 5 people and luggage around for miles. Nissan CVT failures are definitely a thing. I knew a girl with a new Rogue in or I drove the Rogue once and was pleasantly surprised, but not CRV pleasantly surprised. It seemed like a really nice car from a lower price class.

Dave CVT failures are most definitely a thing, but seem to be highly variable based on how the car gets used. It had a sudden and total CVT failure on the interstate at k miles she has a long highway commute. Upon tearing the CVT down, the failure was confirmed to not have anything to do with fluid condition.

My brother swapped in a Nissan reman himself very serious job and the Rogue has rolled up to k now without issue. So not faultless, but not bad for the mileage. Back to the CVTs, high torque load lots of hills, lots of city driving, heavy loads, aggressive starts seem to accelerate failure. N8iveVA: agree. I have a friend who is tall and lb at least, who needed a decent 1st car fresh out of school and a 1st Gen Versa hatchback fit the bill and him. Do I have to explain it to you? In the meantime, put that CASH on the hoods and start making those liar-loans to the great unwashed un-educated…er…I mean mis-educated American young people, and start pumping out those fleet sales.

MAYBE this will buy you enough time to get some quality cars and trucks back in your showrooms before you have to fold up your tents and all get jobs with other automakers. I really, really, really, wanted to love the Maxima. It is a joy to drive, the interior feels more premium than its class. I can look past the quirks in the styling department. Murano and Sentra come right to the top of the pile. Unlike GM, at least Nissan is making competitive small and mid-size cars. This is further evidence that Nissan simply produces better vehicles than GM.

However, the CTS6 has a uncertain future.

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Only shameful GM would terminate the best car GM has ever made. In summation it is pretty east to make the argument that Nissan is better than GM. When you take the CTS6-V out of the equation the argument is even easier to make. BTW, I just heard the Malibu will likely be gone by GM will soon be out of the sedan business altogether. Oh phooey, did I mean the Hyundai Azera? Meh, no one is winning in the midsize sedan market, except Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, National….

Buick and less cash on the hood. Yes sir! Just a few more sedans and stick shift transmissions to kill off and cookie cutter CUVs to add to the already infested lineups. Ya know, a car company can do just fine making crappy cars and selling them cheap. Most Nissans are the most underpowered vehicles in their class. Some buyers simply are simply in need of transportation, at the lowest possible price.

My better half is looking at getting a Z. She always drags her feet when buying a car.

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I am telling her to do it now, before it disappears forever. She really should pull the trigger ASAP if new is a requirement, but these cars are reliable, durable, and a very good deal used with low mileage, and clean examples will be available for several years after they finally do get the axe.

Nissan Frontier has momentum. Sales are strong for this model stuck in with no significant updates over the years. Message to Nissan is clear, no one wants your new products. Dust off the designs for the Datsun and Z.

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Quite honestly all the Frontier needs is better gas mileage and a completely new interior. Just look at where that got us with the Tacoma and its gutless 3. If I were truck shopping, the Tacoma would be at the absolute bottom of the list, the drivetrain sucks that bad I had a TRD Offroad as a rental. Just sucks people have to lose their jobs. As an ex-Infiniti owner, what do you suggest? I think the problems started a few years earlier than that.

Two words: Solid Axle. Remember the redesign of the Maxima? With that one design change — just done to save a little bit of money — the writing was on the wall for the future of the Maxima. The Sentra went the same route and greatly cheapened the interior. The SX was a sad attempt to create a cheap coupe. And then the redesigned SX became more of a luxury coupe than a lightweight sports car. The Altima had little of the style and quality of the first one.

Just one thing after another cascaded into the mess that Nissan is in today.

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They need management that loves cars again, not cost cutters. If you make a quality product, it will sell. If you make a desirable car, it will sell. Nissan knew how to do this before, and I think they can do it again. But, it will be painful for the next few years. To my eye, every single Kia and Hyundai sale today is a sale that would have gone to Nissan 15 years ago. R Henry, you are spot on. Had one Datsun Maxima and two Nissan Maximas. I think the first was the best.

Add a Sentra way back when they all were quality cars. Love it. Sad to see Nissan going so far down hill. Perhaps they need to see what the Koreans are doing so well. I think the Koreans are taking making gains and taking share from Nissan more than anyone else. As someone who turned 16 in , it feels very strange to type that.